1. review of my planning set up in A5 Chamelon Filofax

  2. easy peasy meal planner to put on your key ring or clip to your planner :)

  3. simple hack for cling stamps if you don’t like using acrylic blocks :)

  4. my first filofax video
  5. Blitzen quilt top…  12 FQ giveaway from @brightonsewing on my blog
  6. Totally delirious flash destash mail from @lilysquilts… I’m in a very happy very thankful place  (Taken with Instagram)
  7. Lovely vintage vibe - Dear Mr Claus from Moda. My winnings from Leona’s Quilting Adventures! Yay!  (Taken with Instagram)
  8. The simple pleasures: catnip sock + sunshine spot…  (Taken with Instagram)
  9. Academic Planner Fail - tsk tsk Pukka Pads!  (Taken with Instagram)
  10. Academic Planner Fail - tsk tsk Pukka Pads!  (Taken with Instagram)
  11. Big Boo Hoo… Kindle dead… Out of warranty…  (Taken with Instagram)
  12. It’s all very lovely having friends to stay n all…  but it’s even lovelier to get back to some quiet time stitchin!  (Taken with Instagram)
  13. Be still my beating heart!  £20 cab fare from shoreham brought this elegant (working but in need of TLC) little lady home… Yay to nice people who put things on freecycle  (Taken with Instagram)
  14. Have wanted one of these since I was little..Yay! North Laine flea market I love you (Taken with Instagram)
  15. Birds and Bees #EPP #hexies  (Taken with Instagram)
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